JUST SOLD! 20k Below Original Listing Price And Closed In Just 20 Days, Wow! Another Great Deal For Our Buyer Clients!

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Georgette Dennis was originally introduced to us by one of our preferred lenders, Adriana Clapper with the Clapper Team of Envoy Mortgage, when Georgette wanted to move up to a bigger house. Thank you, Adriana, for your continuing trust and support and for serving our clients with their house financing needs.

We met with Georgette and set our exclusive Home Selling Action Plan in motion to ensure we help her sell her house for top dollars.

We advise her how to prepare the house, then we guided her to select the best listing price to attract the most buyers possible, launched our pre-marketing campaign to ensure the most exposure of the house possible and when the house became available, more than 80 groups of potential buyers visited the house. Generating 5 very competitive offers and ending up selling the house for 15k above listing price, without any contingencies and allowing our client to stay on the house for a month so that she could have enough time to find the new home.

Check out the full story of the sale of the house here

With 15k more than what she expected after the sale of her house; we continued the process to find her new home. However, having experienced a very competitive sellers’ market from the seller’s perspective, she knew it was not going to be easy.

Therefore, we reach out to Adriana Clapper with the Clapper Team of Envoy Mortgage to obtain a commitment letter instead of the regular pre-approval. Adriana knew Georgette financial situation well, as she had helped Georgette with the loan on the previous she had just sold and, she was able to provide the commitment letter.

What this meant for the sellers of the new home Georgette was buying, was that Georgette was actually satisfying the financial contingency from the get-go, so there were no surprises down the road. Very appealing term for the sellers and a very favorable position to be in for Georgette.

Georgette ended up securing a contract for 20k below the original asking price by the sellers, with a home inspection that gave her peace of mind and, closed in 20 days.  

All of this happened with an exceptionally smooth settlement process facilitated by The Cardinal Title Group.

Congratulations Georgette on the purchase of your new home. We hope you and your family are very happy in it for years to come and thank you for allowing us to guide you thru the entire process!

Check out all property details & photos here

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