JUST SOLD! – In 5 Days for Top Dollars To A Cash Buyer With No Contingencies, No Appraisal, And No Inspections.

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Taha Mansour, has been a client and friend of ours since we met him originally at an open house of a house we were selling back in October 2014. About a year later, we helped him buy his first house.

We kept in touch thru the years and saw him re-unite with his family from his country and then grow it to the point that the current house was not big enough. We arrange for a Personal Consultation that help him and his family decisde to move up to a bigger one and set a plan of action to accomplish it.

We immediately put him in contact with one of our preferred lenders, Adriana Clapper with the Clapper Team of Envoy Mortgage. Adriana had also worked together with us to help Taha buy his first house and this time, after reviewing his current financial situation, Adriana guided Taha to move forward with the purchase of his next home as he was able to do so without selling his current one.

Thank you, Adriana, for your continuing trust and support and for serving our clients with their house financing needs.

With a strong pre-approval on hand, we were able to help Taha, on a seller’s market, buy a great house below the appraisal value, with regular inspection and with the seller fixing minor items to make this the perfect house for Taha and his family and, all this while getting $8,000 in closing help from the seller, what a deal!

Check out that full story and property details here.

After he moved into the new house, it was time to sell the first one. We met again to review the home selling process and help him craft a plan to put the house in the best condition possible, without spending too much money.

We also review the market analysis and guided him to stablish the right price to get all potential qualified buyers excited about the house.

We immediately launched our pre-marketing campaign to get the most exposure to the market as fast as possible and to generate a virtual waiting line of interested buyers.

Once again, the campaign worked as planned and, after the coming soon period, when we officially launched our exclusive 14-days marketing blitz with the property available for sale, we already had multiple showings scheduled and lots of interest.

We then followed up with all the buyer traffic until we were able to secure a great offer for his house, one that he could not decline.

We ultimately help Taha get his first house sold for top dollars, a full price cash offer, with no contingencies (no appraisal and no inspections) in less time than that he even imagined.

Congratulations Taha and Family on the sale of your house for top dollars and thank you for trusting us to guide you thru the entire process. It’s been a pleasure helping you with your real estate needs throughout the years.

Check out all property details & photos here

So, our complete and Exclusive Home-Selling Action Plan worked once again, this time in less than 5 days!

If you are thinking of selling your house soon and you want to get similar results, make sure to reach out to us by calling or texting us at our direct line: 240-994-8866 or:

Click here to get a FREE home valuation of your house instantly.

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