Fun Day Monday Winner Announcement For April 2021

⭐😲🤩✨ It’s time to announce the winner of this Month’s Fun Day Monday ⭐😲🤩✨

This Month’s Quiz Question:

The first phone books were missing which piece of important information?

A. Step-By-Step Instructions
B. Last Names
C. Business Names
D. Actual Phone Numbers

The answer is (D) Actual Phone Numbers

Interesting Fact – Early telephones did not have dials or number pads. Instead, you lifted the receiver, sometimes turning a magneto to signal the operator, when they answered you told them the name of the party and they’d connect you. So early phonebooks would simply list people and businesses that owned a telephone. In many ways, our use of cell phones today mirrors the use of operators in the past. You simply click on a name and get connected.

How many phone numbers do you still have memorized?

The winner this month is Patricia Wilson who is receiving a $25 gift card to Amazon.

⭐😲🤩✨ Congratulations Patricia!!! ⭐😲🤩✨

…and, if you want to play on next month’s Fun Day Monday, just go to and fill out your information.

You will receive next month Fun Day Monday question on May 10th and the winner will be announced on May 17th.

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