⭐ ⭐ ⭐JUST SOLD WITH MULTIPLE OFFERS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! – 17807 Buehler Rd #3-A-1, Olney, MD 20832 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Once again, our pre-marketing campaign and exclusive marketing blitz, EXPOSED this Beautiful & Ready to Move-In 🏘️ Top Level Condominium In The Camelback Village Subdivision Of Olney To ALL the READY and CAPABLE potential buyers in the market to get it SOLD WITH MULTIPLE OFFERS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! 😮😮😮

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We first met Betsy Jett back in 2019 at an open house when we were selling a condominium in Gaithersburg representing the sellers. We helped her to write an offer. However, it was not the winning bid.

Since the original offer did not work out, we arrange to meet for a Getting to Know You meeting were we went over the buying process in Maryland. Betsy lived up in New York, but her son lived in Maryland, and she needed a place for him.

After just a couple of months, we were able to help Betsy to buy a Beautiful Top Level Condominium In The Camelback Village Subdivision Of Olney for even less than what it was being sold at the time.

3 years later, there were no more need for the condominium, and it was time to sell it.

We set an appointment at the unit for a personal consultation. We assessed her specific situation and guided Betsy on setting the best price to list the condo for sale, a price that would cause all the qualified buyers to be excited about it.

Then, we set a plan in motion to attract all of those qualified buyers in the market to the unit. We launched our pre-marketing campaign starting with our Coming Soon stage. Once again, it generated a waiting line of potential buyers for when the condominium became available for sale.

As planned, within the first week, we had tons of interest and numerous showings to handle. We received multiple offers and ratified what seemed to be the best one, one with no inspections and no contingencies other than the financial for a conventional loan.

Unfortunately, the subdivision was undergoing major renovation that prevented the conventional loan to be approved and the buyer could not be qualified for an FHA loan. Therefore, we were forced to put the condominium back on the market.

While we marketed the condominium again, we followed up with the previous offers received and before a week passed, we received multiple offers again and ratified one.

We worked closely with the lender and the buyer agent to ensure they were aware of the particular situation of the subdivision and were prepared to handle it. Buyer decided not to do an inspection and lender was able to use the appraisal from the first time the condominium was under contract.

So, 30 days later and despite the major renovation the subdivision was undergoing, we were able to help Betsy sell the condominium, with multiple offers received, in less than 2 weeks, without inspection and for the listing price. WOW! Another great deal for our seller clients. 😮😮😮

Congratulations Betsy. on the sale of your condominium, best wishes on the new stage of your life and, thank you for allowing us to guide you thru the entire process!

Click here to check all the property details

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