⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Sold In Just 2 Days! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐With Multiple Offers For Close To $40,000 Above Asking Price, Without Appraisal, Nor Inspection Contingencies To A Cash Buyer!

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Joseph D. and Sergio & Sofia Garcia from the GarciaSHomeS Team became friends thru networking while he was working at one of our preferred title companies, Classic Settlements.

When the time came to sell his house, we got together for a personal consultation.

We assessed his specific situation and guided Joseph on setting the best price to list the house for sale, a price that would cause all the qualified buyers to be excited about the house.

Then, we set a plan in motion to attract all of those qualified buyers in the market the house. We launched our pre-marketing campaign starting with our Coming Soon stage. It generated a waiting line of potential buyers for when the house became available for sale. Within the first 2 days, we had tons of interest and numerous showings to handle.

The same day we launched our exclusive marketing blitz, we received an offer and, by the second day we had received multiple offers to deal with. The winning offer was so strong that it prompted Joseph to ratify a contract and to cancel the scheduled open house.

Finally, we worked closely with Joseph to ensure the deal was completed and that the final details were as smooth as possible.

The end result, multiple offers and a selling price of close to $40,000 above asking price, without appraisal, nor inspection contingencies and to a cash buyer, WOW! Another great deal for our seller clients. 😮😮😮

Congratulations Joseph D. on the sale of your house, best wishes on the new stage of your life and, thank you for allowing us to guide you thru the entire process!  

* In Loving Memory of Jorge O. who filled this home with his passion and love for Joseph and, who we know, would have wanted to make sure Joseph had a friendly hand nearby to help him with this transition. We’ll always remember you, Jorge!

Click here to check all the property details

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