JUST SOLD! 55K Below Original Listing Price and 15k Below Appraised Value, Wow! Yes, We Are Getting Great Deals For Our Buyer Clients!

Check out all property details & photos here

Ricardo Gutierrez was introduced to us by one of our preferred lenders, Adriana Clapper with the Clapper Team of Envoy Mortgage. Thank you, Adriana, for your continuing trust and support and for serving our clients with their house financing needs.

When we talked to Ricardo for the first time, he was already pre-approved by Adriana and had actually visited the house he wanted it to buy with a relative who was looking for a house with a different Realtor. The relative did not liked the house for themselves. However, Ricardo loved it and wanted it to buy it.

In a strong sellers’ market, timing was of the essence. He called us and after going over the situation over the phone decided to go visit the house that same day. We confirmed the desire to buy the property and helped him to make an offer on it.

The house was being sold as-is and was in need of some TLC. However, the location and layout made Ricardo forgot about his original idea to move to West Virginia and decided to write the offer.

Although, the was way lower than the asking price, the other offer terms made the sellers consider it and respond with a counter offer. After a couple of interactions, we were able to negotiate a great deal.

Ricardo ended up securing the contact for 55k below the original asking price by the sellers and 15k below the appraised value within the time that worked for them.

Now, Ricardo and his family will give their new property some TLC and make it their new home!

All of this happened with an exceptionally smooth settlement process facilitated by the Cardinal Title Group out of our new offices of Samson Properties in Frederick County.

Congratulations Ricardo & Michele on the purchase of your new home. We hope you and your family are very happy in it for years to come and thank you for allowing us to guide you thru this process!

Check out all property details & photos here

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