Oscar Montesinos was our neighbor when we initially met him. He had just bought a condominium in the same building we lived at and had kept his previous townhouse for investment purposes. After we sold our condo, we kept in constant communication with him.

We also help other neighbors of the same building, who also were close friends with Oscar, Mara and Oscar Orellana, who bought their current house with us and who did not hesitate to recommend our services to Oscar when he decided to sell his investment property. Thank you Oscar & Maria Orellana for your continuing trust and support.

After talking on phone with Oscar and going over his situation, we set a plan in motion to ensure we would be able to sell it, once the current tenant left the property, for the highest amount of money and in a time frame that met his needs.

First, we made sure that the house looked at its best by suggesting a few items to improve its condition and he took care of them. We then reviewed a customized market analysis to decide on the best price to list the house for sale in the current market.

After a little bit of hesitation deciding on the listing price, Oscar decided to listen to us and agreed to a listing price of 250k, instead of the 265k he had in mind.

We immediately launched our pre-marketing campaign to get the most exposure to the market as fast as possible and to generate a virtual waiting line of interested buyers. The campaing worked to the T and it even generated an incredible sight unseen offer even before the house was officially launch for sale.

Oscar listened to us again and we launched our exclusive 14-days marketing blitz and ensured the property was marketed to all the potential buyers out there. In this case, more than 40 groups of people visited the house in 2 days.

On the third day of the house being available for sale, and after we followed up with all the buyer traffic, we got a total of 5 offers and were able to secure great terms for our seller clients.

The end result was that the house sold in 3 days for $23,000 above asking selling price, $17,000 above the appraisal value and $12,000 above what Oscar had originally in mind. All this, without inspections, and without financial or appraisal contingencies. That’s what we call the least number of inconveniences (0).

So, our Exclusive Home-Selling Action Plan worked once again, this time in less than 4 days!

Make sure to reach out to us if you are thinking of selling your house in the near future and you want to get similar results.

Click here to get a FREE home valuation of your house instantly.

Congratulations Oscar on the sale of your house. We thank you again for allowing us to guide you thru this process and for sharing your experience working with us.

Check out all property details & photos here


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