JUST SOLD! Cash Buyers Were Ready Took Advantage Of A Great Opportunity To Secured Their New Home!

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We met Oscar & Maria Orellana when they bought their last property next to ours a few years ago. As next-door neighbors, we became good friends. We sold our house about three years ago. However, we kept in touch regularly.

About two months ago, they decided to sell their property off the market to close and younger relatives in an effort to help them getting started. However, they needed a new place to live after the sale was completed. So, they called us to help them find, negotiate, and buy their next home.

We met and reviewed their situation and advised them to wait until the funds to be used for the purchase were reflected in their bank account. This way, we could show potential sellers, with a bank statement, that we were ready to buy the house from them.

Once the money cleared their account, we were ready. We stablished a search criteria and started looking at properties that met what they were looking for. We quickly realized that the available options were not meeting their criteria and that we needed to wait for the right opportunity.

Main reason, in a hot sellers’ market, sellers have become spoiled and believe their properties are worth more than what they really are despite of the condition. The available options were too expensive and not move-in ready.

We knew we needed to be ready to decide once a good opportunity appeared. After letting a couple of options go, our searching capabilities and dedication allowed us to spot a newly available unit in a great and move-in ready condition and at least 10k below the price of the other available options that needed work.

Within an hour of it being on the market, we went to see it. 2 Hours later we submitted a great, clean cash offer, that was irresistible for the owner. The owner had no choice but to accept it immediately.

Only one week later, thanks to Andrea Martinez-Conte and the Classic Settlements team with an incredibly fast and well-done job, the title of the property was cleared, and the transaction closed. Both Seller and listing agent, could not believe that just a week later of putting the house on the market, the selling process was over.

Thanks to Brook Berry with Northrop Realty, A Long & Foster Company, for working with our client’s offer and for trusting our capabilities to take the transaction to a smooth, quick, and happy ending.

Congratulations Oscar & Maria on the purchase of next Home and thank you for allowing us to guide you thru this process. It was a pleasure to do so!

Check out all property details & photos here

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