JUST SOLD! Is It Possible In A Sellers Market To Get 3% Closing Help From Sellers While Paying 10k Under Appraise Value For A House?

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Leida & Denis were introduced to us by friend and previous client of our, Florence O Cole, who bought a house with us back in March 2020 and, who also have introduced to us, multiple of their friends and family members. Thank you, Florence, for your continuing trust and support.

Leida & Denis were working with other realtors & loan officer before they were introduced to us and were frustrated with the results they were getting. Then, they were told, by Florence, how we have help her and her family, and they decided to contact us.

The first meeting with Leida and Denis was virtual on a Tuesday night (around 7pm) to accommodate to their work schedule. We went thru the buying process like no one else had explained it to them before. We help them assess their situation and clarified questions about first time home buying programs. We then set a plan that will allow them to become homeowners.

It started by connecting them with Adriana Clapper, from Envoy Mortgage, one of our fully vetted prefer lenders and with a proven record well known among listing agents. They work together to straight their financials and obtain a strong pre-approval that gave them an advantage in the current market. Thanks Adriana for helping Leida, Denis & Carlos obtain a great loan with great terms.

However, they had something not playing on their favor, they did not have much time before having to decide if they were going to renew their current lease or not. Fortunately, they were able to arrange with their landlord to extend the lease for 6 months while leaving the door open to cancel the extension once they find their new house.

This arrangement gave them enough mind clarity to be able to identify great opportunities when they became available without the pressure of making decisions based on the possibility of not having a house. So, we continued looking for these opportunities until we found it.

From now on, Leida & Denis will be enjoying a wonderful end-unit townhouse in a great location and ready to move-in. With 3 rooms and 2.5 bathrooms, the house has enough room for the entire family.

Moreover, they will be keeping much of their funds to get them started since they will be getting 3% closing help from the sellers and yes, we were able to help them obtain their home for $10,000 under appraised value.

All of this happened with an exceptionally smooth settlement process facilitated by Cardinal Title Group.

Congratulations Leida, Denis & Carlos on the purchase of your first Home and thank you all for allowing us to guide you thru this process. It has been a pleasure to do so!

Check out all property details & photos here

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