JUST SOLD! After losing a contract on a townhouse that appraised lower than the price agreed, buyers got a single-family house instead, for the same price, beating multiple offers and, with an FHA loan.

Check out all property details & photos here

Fabian & Elizabeth were introduced to us by a friend and previous client of our, John Jairo Salazar owner of Spark Maintenance & Remodeling LLC, who bought a house with us back in September of 2017. Thank you, John for your continuing trust and support.

After an initial consultation where we helped Fabian & Elizabeth to clarify their path to homeownership, the plan was to wait for couple of years to work on their finances so that they could be in the best position to get their dream home.

However, not everything works as planned and halfway thru the 2 years, their landlord decided to take advantage of the selling market and sell the house where they lived without much notice. They then had to find a house with not much time to spear.

We immediately review their financial situation with the help of Adriana Clapper, loan officer with Envoy Mortgage, who guided them thru the process and provided them a solid pre-approval letter.

We then started looking for houses and writing offers in one of the most difficult buyers’ markets in history. The fourth offer resulted on a contract on a very functional and well-located townhouse. However, at a price far beyond the house value. Despite, offering the seller 5k above appraise value, the appraisal came so low that seller decided not to sell it at that price. Little the seller know that this worked in favor of Fabian & Elizabeth.

After two weeks of being under contract without looking for other options, in other words, with two weeks less to find a property before the time their lease ended, we started on a frenzy to find their next house.

Knowing that the time to secure the house was limited, we visited 8 houses in a day and wrote offer on 4 of them. Well, the offer on their preferred house beat multiple buyers and secured the house for them right on time to be able to cancel the other 3. Risky move but one that made our clients happy!

From now on, Fabian, Elizabeth and their family will be enjoying a single-family rancher house built in 2013 in an almost half an acre lot. With a nice open floor plan and lots of room for their family and their pets. All this, with monthly payment lower than the one for a townhouse.

Congratulations Fabian & Elizabeth on the purchase of your first Home and thank you for allowing us to guide you thru this process. 

Check out all property details & photos here

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