JUST SOLD! Carefully designed offer with Win-Win terms helped buyers beat multiple offers and secure a great house for their family and to accomplish their dream of homeownership!

Check out all property details & photos here

Hector & Luz Marina came to us thru our website. They visited GarciaSHomeS.com and after browsing thru it, they felt a connection. They identified themselves with us as we are also a family and because we speak Spanish, so they requested information.

We immediately contacted them on a Sunday afternoon and conducted a virtual buyer consultation via zoom. We covered the process from start to finish, answered all the questions they had and stablished a plan of action to help them become homeowners.

We first put them in contact with Adriana Clapper, loan officer with Envoy Mortgage, officer with Envoy Mortgage, to review their finances, obtain a pre-approval and define the details of the best financing option for their situation. With input their loan details into our proprietary mortgage calculator to be able to analyze any property they were interested in on the spot to help them decide on best offer to make.

We started looking for houses in one of the most difficult buyers’ markets in history with a lack of houses available for sale but with great interest rates and tons of other well qualified buyers competing for the available houses.

We looked at more than 50 houses and wrote strong offers in 14 of them that were not accepted, generating a lot of frustration but, always with a positive attitude and a goal in mind, to become Homeowners.

Finally, the 15th offer was accepted and 30 days later, they were able to accomplish their dream and become homeowners.

Congratulations Luz Marina & Hector on the purchase of your first Home. Your persistence and desire to accomplish your dream allowed you to get a fantastic and ready to move-in Townhouse in a great location and with enough space to accommodate all your family needs.

Thank you for allowing us to guide you thru this process!

Check out all property details & photos here

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