JUST SOLD! With more than 60 showings in 4 days and more than 15 groups at the 2-hours open house, we negotiated 32k over asking price!

Not every transaction start with a happy motive. However, with a final selling price of $32,000 over listing price, we were able to help the owners of this nice home to move-on to their next stage in their lifes.

When we first met the sellers of this house, we explain how our pre-marketing campaign is designed to create a virtual waiting line of buyers wanting to buy the house.

We told them to plan on being out of the house the first weekend of it being available for sale to facilitate the buyer showings and gave them tips on how to best prepare the house to get top dollars for it.

Well, they listened. They prepared the house well and left town right before putting it on the market. Then, like on a textbook, everything worked-out like written.

When we introduced this house to the market, we had more than 60 showings in 4 days plus more than 15 groups at the 2-hours open house. We followed thru with all the buyer traffic and ultimately negotiated 8 solid offers, all of them above asking price.

At that point, despite being a difficult selling motivation to begin with, we made everything we could to help the sellers make the right decision.

A combination of one of the highest offer prices and the least amount of contingencies sealed the chosen contract in less than a week of being on the market.

Less than 30 days after, sellers walk away with more than $30,000 than expected!

We love helping families with their real estate needs under any circumstances.

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