JUST SOLD! – Ready to move-in with breath-taking sight of Baltimore and closing help from sellers on a competitive market!

Santos & Karen were introduced to us by Sandra, Santos’ sister, who bought her house with us back in 2019. She felt so happy with her house and working with us, that she told her brother not to work with anyone else but Sergio & Sofia Garcia to help them with their purchase. Thank you, Sandra, for your trust and support.

We first met Santos & Karen the day of a snowstorm at our office in Bethesda early in this year. They had worked with Adriana Clapper from Envoy Mortgage, to obtain their pre-approval to look, find and secure their first house and were ready to start searching.

During our meeting, we help them to clarify their values and their needs and wants for their new home. Then, we started to look for the perfect house for them. In a competitive market, with not many options and multiple offers for every house available, we were able to help them find and buy the perfect house for them.

A fantastic single-family home, ready to move in and with enough space to accommodate their entire family (Christopher, Kimberly & Kaitlyn), and their 4 dogs. The house also has fabulous views of Baltimore City. To make things even better, we were able to negotiate ten thousand dollars in closing help from the sellers at closing.

Congratulations Santos & Karen on the purchase of your first Home. Enjoy the spectacular sight of Baltimore from your new porch!

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