Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Everyone’s drawn to the biggest, most beautiful house on the block. But bigger is usually not better when it comes to houses. 

There’s an old adage in real estate that says, “Don’t buy the biggest, best house on the block.”

The largest house only appeals to a small audience and you never want to limit potential buyers when you go to sell. 

Your home is only going to go up in value as much as the other houses around it.

If you pay $500,000 for a home and your neighbors pay $400,000 to $450,000, your appreciation is going to be limited.

Sometimes it is best to buy the worst house on the block, because the worst house per square foot always trades for more than the biggest house.  When you discover a neighborhood that appeals to you, allow us to provide you with an updated market analysis so you can have accurate information at your fingertips to make the best decision.


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