JUST SOLD! – Beating other offers with closing help from sellers on a competitive market!

After renting for several years in Virginia, Katherine & Hector wanted to buy their first home. They talked to their best friends Nathali and Daniel, who had bought their house with the GarciaSHomeS Team a year earlier and they introduced them to us to help them explore their options in Maryland.

They met with Adriana Clapper from Envoy mortgage to evaluate their purchasing power and met with us for an initial consultation. After listening to their situation, we were able to guide them to clarify their goals and set a specific search criteria for properties that met their needs and wants.

After several months of patiently waiting for the right house, they finally were able to buy their dream home. A fabulous 2-car garage Townhome in a new subdivision of Frederick that was built only 2 years ago. A great community to keep raising their family while living close to their friends.

The best part of it is that they used less than 13k of their own money to secure the house and ended with a monthly payment just slightly higher than what they were paying for 2-bedroom – 2-bathroom apartment. Wow!

Check out all the property details & photos of 6315 Posey St here

Hector & Katherine deserve this and much more! Thank you for allowing us to guide you thru this process and Welcome to Maryland!  

Also, thank you Nathali Gallardo for introducing Hector & Katherine to us. We know that by doing so, you are now their hero and your trust and support are greatly appreciated.

Last but not least, thanks to Adriana Clapper with Envoy Mortgage and Cardinal Title for making this possible in a smooth fashion and for making accommodations to be able to get it done despite the biggest ice/snow storm of the season.

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