⭐ ⭐ ⭐JUST SOLD! Beat Multiple Offers To Help Another One Of Our Buyer Clients Accomplish Their Home Ownership Dream! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Patricia & Gerald relocated to Maryland a couple of years ago and they were living at a relative’s house (Reach & Veronica). One day, at a grocery store, we casually met Reach & Veronica, previous clients of us and friends. They introduced Patricia & Gerald, even before they were ready to buy their home. Thank you again Reach & Veronica for your trust and support by referring multiple friends and family members.

When Patricia & Gerald were ready to buy a house, we met at our office in Gaithersburg for a Getting to Know You meeting were we went over the buying process and answered all questions they had. We also did a pre-qualification exercise and helped them realize that they were ready to get pre-approved to buy a house.

We a baby on the way, we tried to moving along the process as fast as possible. So, we introduced them to one of our preferred lenders Adriana Clapper, from Envoy Mortgage, who work with them to the point of producing, not only a strong pre-approval letter, but a bank commitment letter that gave them the most financial advantage over other potential buyers in the market.

Once the commitment letter was obtained, we met again to review and set their search criteria and started to look for a house.

We visited a couple of houses. However, we had to hit the brakes for a couple of months. Their baby was born and wanted to be a part of the process. When they were ready to continue pursuing their dream, they re-assess their financial situation and confirm the pre-approval.

We started looking again and finally found a well-cared house owned by the original owners wanted to pass it into a new family that would care for it the same way they did.

After a brief conversation with the listing agent, we were able to find out what was important to the sellers and help the D’Costa family to make a win-win purchase offer that ultimately help them to beat multiple offers and secured them the contract to buy their first home, their dream home.

A recently updated and ready to move-in townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 2 full and 2 half bathrooms in the Heart of Flower Hill. With plenty of space and green open area in the backyard for their sone JJ to start growing.

Thanks to Adriana Clapper, from Envoy Mortgage, whom did a great work upfront that allowed the DCosta family to be ready and in their best financial situation when the opportunity arrived.

Also, thank you to the Cardinal Title Group for a very smooth settlement process.

🌟🌟🌟Congratulations Patricia & Gerald on the purchase of your new home. We hope you are very happy in it for years to come and thank you for allowing us to guide you thru the process! 🌟🌟🌟

Check out all property details & photos here

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